Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available for free to all students at Chaminade University. Students are able to access Smarthinking via their Canvas account.

Through Smarthinking, students are able to connect in real-time with an expert educator in a variety of subjects using a virtual whiteboard technology. Students also have an option to schedule a 30-minute appointment with a tutor of their choice. The Online Writing Lab provides students with the ability to receive a detailed, personalized critique of any written assignment through a formal critique process.

All sessions are archived and available for students to review at any time for studying or test preparation. Click here to view hours of service.

For assistance with or questions regarding Smarthinking, contact the Tutor Coordinator at (808) 739-8305. For assistance with Canvas, contact Client Services at (808) 735-4855.

How to Access Smarthinking Online Tutoring
  1. Access “Canvas” from the Chaminade University Homepage
  2. Click on your “Profile”
  3. Click on “Smarthinking” (bypass the system check)
  4. Scroll down to “Click Here to Continue”

For assistance, contact the Help Desk at (808) 735-4855 or Tutoring Center at (808) 739-8305.

Writing Assignments

If you have questions about grammar, style (APA or MLA), organization, or just have general questions about writing, then choose “Writing (All Subjects)” in the “Drop In Tutoring” area. This option can also support you with pre-writing activities such as brainstorming, outlining, or thesis development. If you have a completed draft of your paper ready to submit for review, submit it to the SMARTHINKING Essay Center by selecting the “Essay Center” choice under “Writing Center”. A professional writing tutor will give you the help that you need to improve your paper and your overall writing skills. The tutor’s response will arrive in your Smarthinking Inbox within about 24 hours.

Math, Science or Business Courses

Connect with a live tutor by choosing the subject area in which you need help under “Drop In Tutoring”. Then use the whiteboard to start a chat session with a professional tutor and type your question. After you have typed your question(s) or problem(s), click the “Enter Question” button. You may have to wait a few minutes to get connected but once you do, you’ll have the tutor’s full and undivided attention! You can also load graphics and PDFs into the whiteboard so if the problem that you need help with includes a drawing or graphic, choose the “Share Document” icon in the whiteboard. Using that tool, you can upload screenshots, pictures, or PDF copies of your textbook, making it easier for you and the tutor to communicate.

Technical Requirements
  • Minimum Operating System Version: Windows XP, Mac OS-X (10.4)
  • Minimum Browser Version:
    • Windows – Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, or Google Chrome 20
    • Macintosh – Safari 5 or Firefox 12
  • Internet Connection: 56k or greater
  • Security: Cookies/Javascript enabled and pop-ups allowed for “”
Using the Whiteboard

There are a variety of special tools displayed across the top of the screen. Each of these is described below.

  • Clicking on the Rich Editable Text icon allows you type text in the whiteboard so that you can chat with the tutor. When you start a session, this function is already selected by default. Just click anywhere in the whiteboard that you want to type.
  • Clicking on the Superscript icon moves the cursor into the “exponent” or “superscript” position. To move the cursor back to the normal position, click the Rich Editable Text icon again.
  • The Share Document tool allows you to bring PDF, PNG, GIF and JPG files to the whiteboard to share with your tutor. This is helpful because you could take a screenshot or picture of the problem on which you’re working and show it to the tutor.
    Use the Math Symbol tool to access any of these special math symbols (and many more).
  • Instead of typing your question or expression or using the Math Symbols, you can use the Free Hand tool to simply write in the whiteboard as if you were using a pencil on a sheet of paper.
  • The Pointer tool allows you to place an arrow on the whiteboard to direct the tutor’s attention to a particular piece of the content that has been placed there.
  • For more detailed information about how to use the various tools in the whiteboard, click the Step by Step SMARTHINKING Student Handbook link here or towards the bottom of your Smarthinking account page.
  • To see when live tutors are available to chat with you, click the Live Hours link on your Smarthinking account page (Please note that times are shown in Eastern Time).