The Tutoring Center

Our Tutoring Center provides access to free one-on-one tutoring for undergraduate students, Smarthinking online tutoring, and manages test administration services.

One-on-One Tutoring

Available to all undergraduate students, one-on-one on-campus tutoring services are designed to guide students to the point at which they become independent learners, no longer needing a tutor. Subjects tutored include, but are not limited to: biology, chemistry, math, nursing, English, etc. The tutoring corps consists of trained Peer and Professional Tutors.

Tutoring is available by appointment only, and students must complete a tutee contract prior to receiving services.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available for free to all students at Chaminade University.  Students are able to connect in real-time with an expert educator in a variety of subjects using a virtual whiteboard technology. Students also have an option to schedule a 30-minute appointment with a tutor of their choice.

Students are able to access Smarthinking via their Canvas account.

Test Administration

Test administration is available for students who need to make up an exam and/or take an exam on a different date than the rest of the class.

Review our test administration policy, and produres and guidelines for students.

All requests for Test Administration must be submitted by an instructor.