Study Abroad

Gaining international experience is a great way to expand your horizons, understand a different culture, challenge yourself and discover a part of you that you never knew existed. It gives you a chance to meet new and exciting people, learn a language, see some of the world’s most interesting landmarks and best of all, try delicious regional cuisine! Students who experience this “feast for all senses” will not only come back changed, but will have a better understanding of how the world works.

Scholarships for these programs are often available, and financial aid may apply to study abroad as well. If you plan your program carefully, credits can apply to your degree program at Chaminade. Minimum qualifications for students include: complete at least 30 credits prior to departure, maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 (GPA requirements may differ depending upon program), must be a current full-time CUH student (need to complete at least one semester at CUH prior to departure), and be in good personal standing (must not have any outstanding judicial issues). Please check with academic advising to help plan your study abroad program. 

Partnership Programs

Through collaboration with University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Study Abroad Center, AIFS and Semester at Sea students can participate in summer, semester, or year programs. Study locations include Argentina, Australia, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

Contact the Chaminade University Financial Aid Office for information about using financial aid to fund your study abroad program: or (808) 735-4780.

Application Deadlines

University of Hawaii at Manoa programs (Application)

  • Spring (Kobe, Japan only)                                  September 20
  • Spring                                                                   October 5
  • Summer                                                               February 7
  • Fall                                                                        March 20
  • Year (Japan only)                                                February 20

AIFS (Application)

  • Fall                                                                         March 15 (Berlin), April 15 (Barcelona, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Hyderadad, Perth, Prague, Sao Paulo, Wellington and Wollongong), May 1 (Florence, London Internship, Madrid, Maynooth, Praque, Rome, Salzburg, St. Petersburg and Vina del Mar), May 15 (Athens, Cannes, Granada, Grenoble, Limerick, London, Paris, Salamanca, San Jose and Stellenbosch)
  • Spring                                                                    October 1 (Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Granada, Hyderabad, London Internship, Madrid, Maynooth, Paris, Prague, Rome, Salamanca, St. Petersburg and Suzhou), October 15 (All other programs)
  • Scholarship Fall Semester                                   Program and scholarship applications must be postmarked by April 15.
  • Scholarship Spring Semester                             Program and scholarship application must be postmarked by October 1.
  • Summer                                                                 March 1
  • Scholarship Summer                                           March 1

Semester At Sea (Application)

No application deadlines for specific semesters. However, it is recommended that you begin the application process 12 months before the semester in which you would like to participate. Students will be asked to provide an updated academic record at the conclusion of the semester prior to their participation. Applications will continue to be accepted until approximately one month before the start of the voyage.

Students can also participate in study abroad programs through our sister universities at :

Myths about Study Abroad

Don’t let the following myths about study abroad or participating in an international program discourage you from fulfilling your dreams!

Myth 1: You need to speak a foreign language

Fact: Some programs may require students to have the ability to speak another language but MOST programs don’t! Majority of the courses are taught in English.

Myth 2: It costs a lot more to study abroad

If you are receiving financial aid, you may be eligible to receive aid for semester programs. There is also an abundance of scholarships available for study abroad programs.

Myth 3: If I study abroad, it will push back my graduation date

With careful planning, you can incorporate study abroad into your academic plan without affecting your graduation date. It is imperative to speak with an advisor and plan out your courses wisely.

Myth 4: The courses that I take during my study abroad will not transfer back to Chaminade

Again, planning is essential in determining which courses to take and what it will transfer back as. Meet with an advisor and create a graduation plan to include study abroad so that you can determine which classes to take overseas.

To plan your program, please contact the Office of Advising and Career Development at (808) 735-4815.