Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

The purpose of the four-year graduation guarantee is to facilitate a student’s goal to graduate in four years (or less) with a Bachelor’s degree through an agreement with Chaminade University. If Chaminade does not meet its part of the agreement, the cost of the remaining required coursework for completion of the degree will be provided by the university at no cost to the student.
The four-year guarantee applies to all full-time degree-seeking students who enter our campus undergraduate program (day undergraduate program) during the fall semester only. For certain majors, if a student first enters the university in the spring semester, it may require an extra semester. Talk to an advisor if you have questions.

Student Responsibilities

Students who enter this agreement are responsible for the following:

  1. Make an official declaration of major with the Academic Advising Office by the beginning of your second year and adhere to the four-year plan for your major when registering for classes.
  2. Make satisfactory academic progress.
    • Remain in good academic standing (minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA; and as specified by the major–some disciplines require a higher GPA within the major).
    • Pass pre-major and pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or better on the first attempt.
  3. Complete at least 30 semester hours of coursework (or as recommended by your degree plan) each year for four years and meet all degree checkpoints. The majors noted below under “Special Considerations” may require summer coursework in order to finish in four years.
  4. Meet with your assigned advisor prior to registration each term to review your course plan and progress. Monitor your own progress toward degree completion using the program evaluation tool available through the Chaminade University portal. Pay special attention to required classes in your pre-major or major that may be offered only once per year.
  5. Clear any holds on your account before the registration period begins each semester and register for classes within the first week of eligibility during the registration period.
  6. Enroll in available courses needed for your program of study; accept any available section that can be accommodated in your course schedule.
  7. Complete your clearance for graduation with your faculty advisor at the beginning of your fourth year.
  8. Notify your faculty advisor if you are unable to register for a required course in your major or for graduation.

Special Considerations

Students enrolled in programs that require more than 120 credits for degree completion may need to take summer courses in order to graduate within four years. These programs include: Biochemistry, Biology, Elementary Education, Forensic Sciences, Environmental + Interior Design, and Nursing. If you change majors, meet with an advisor to determine if graduation within four years is still possible. Timely completion of your degree will depend on what major you are changing to and when you make the change.

Our Responsibilities

To facilitate successful completion of the four-year graduation guarantee, Chaminade University will agree to the following:

  • Publish four-year plans for every major offered in the day undergraduate program. These plans assist the student in timely completion of the degree.
  • Ensure that the student’s advisor and contact information is attached to the student’s record in the university portal. When students declare or change their major, the advisor will change accordingly.
  • Notify students of impending registration dates so that students may register in a timely manner.
  • If a major or graduation requirement is not offered in the final year of study, Chaminade will enable the student to graduate in four years by completing the course via independent study or by substituting a discipline and division offering the student’s major. In the event a suitable course is not available, Chaminade will cover the cost of remaining required coursework for completion of the degree.